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Uncle Ben's Logo Rebrand

This project's objective was to do a logo rebrand for the company Uncle Ben's rice. There is a lot of controversy over the deeper meaning behind the name Uncle Ben's and its logo. Here is the logo recreated with billboard signage.


Uncle Ben's is a food brand that sells pre-packaged, partially boiled rice and other food products. In this process, research was conducted in order to see what the brand looked like and how a logo rebrand could be rendered. This is done to stay in line with the look of the brand when recreating its logo. 


The final version of the recreated logo removes the words "Uncle" and "Ben". It only utilizes "Original" and "Par rice". A tilde in the shape of a grain of rice is used to separate "Par" and "Rice" so that it is read as a shorter version of parboiled rice. The typeface and colors remain the same so consumers still recognize the brand.

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